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J Lewis - wall

J Lewis - Wall

My Family​

Starting at a young age, J Lewis- Wall started baking with Her Grams, writing at 3, and taking an interest in anything that involved activities with her Teddy. 

Homemade Food​

So many memories were made in the kitchen with her Grams. As a stay-at-home Momma, she continued, as her beloved Grams, providing these delicious, cherished family recipes of her childhood for her Dews and family.

authentic with a twist

Creativity always came naturally to J Lewis – Wall, from the time she was a little girl. The Strawberry Bear Stories are an original and endearingly heartfelt…sure to be a classic ♥️🍓🧸.


Is everything

Time with family is always precious. The Strawberry Bear book collection celebrates everything that matters. Time together. ❤️

Her Boys

The biggest part of J Lewis – Wall’s life was raising her boys. One of the most influential times was during her boys’ elementary school years. She dedicated her life during those years to helping fulltime on the school campus when her eldest started 1st grade, and volunteering for the PTA. During these wonderful years, she was a Dews Room Mom (which she loved), and was very involved in helping the teachers and the organization. With her love for cooking, and recipes from her beloved Grams, she would also bake for the PTA Christmas party.

her business

Raising her family was integral in shaping the timing of writing The Strawberry Bear book collection. Many years were spent meeting with elite publishing companies until the right one decided the world needed to read these beautiful stories. Being an unknown writer of endearing original children’s books was never a holdup for her. J Lewis – Wall held a high belief that these endearing children’s book would become published. 🍓🧸

My Beloved Grams

Baking is cherished

A wonderful memory is held close to J Lewis – Wall’s heart. Making Lemon Meringue Pie. Her Grams taught her at a young age. (She considered her Great-Grandmother the original Martha Stewart). These heartfelt traditions have held the power of J Lewis – wall’s Dews since becoming a stay-at-home Mom, and being a CEO of an entire household. 

Tea Time

With Honey

As far back as J Lewis – Wall can remember, she has had tea with honey in most childhood memories. Her Grams was a huge fan, and many stories were told, and things learned over a wonderful cup of hot tea and honey.

The Strawberry Bear Book Series has many hot tea and honey moments to remember.